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Tips, suggestions, and how-to instructions.
Membership organization of permanent hair removal professionals provides electrolysis information for the consumer.
Effective Do-It-Yourself threading hair removal using Epicare. Unwanted facial hair is removed from the roots using the ancient art of threading hair removal.
Remover for unwanted body and facial hair.
Information about electrolysis and contacting Canadian practioners.
Offers painless, permanent hair removal with a product that sends a radio frequency wave through the hair, deadening it at the root.
"Sticky Thighs Hair removal gel. All natural hair removal
Features consumer information on hair removal methods. Includes a national directory of hair removal clinics and discussion forum.
Provides information on products and techniques including permanent, laser, Brazilian, facial and more.
Information and advice on head-shaving, including a how-to guide, reviews of head-shaving products, and other handy tips.
Providing information affecting electrologists, their clients, and the entire domain of hair removal.
Gives pros and cons of various methods of hair removal.
Directory of professional laser hair removal specialists in the United States, with information on hair removal using laser technology and related legislation.
Offers information on removal methods, how to choose a physician, links, and more.
Clinical presentation of information on laser hair removal and other uses of laser technology and the systems used.